This episode of Talking Apes is dedicated to Apes fan, cosplayer, and friend, Angela Gibbons.

Hello to all you Chimps, gorillas, orangutans and even you damn dirty humanoids! We are back and this time Talking Apes attended the Los Angeles premiere of Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed Films. We have reactions from those who were there that night such as director, William Conlin; Lou Wagner (Lucius), fans, and an extra who appeared in Battle for the Planet of the Apes – John Landis!

Richard and Mark also share their spoiler free reactions to this film with many heartfelt moments. And listen to how YOU can help get Making Apes seen on streaming and pay services.

We also hear from MUCKYCHRIS.COM about their awesome 3D printed Planet of the Apes busts and sculptures. If you ever wanted a Zaius buddha, you’re now in luck!

In Listen To The Apes, we read your feedback and discuss whether we will drop future conversation about the Gary Dubin conspiracy, or DubinGate (I think you know the answer).

Now Go Ape! Just don’t Go Monkey..

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