This episode we talk to concept and creature artist Terryl Whitlatch about her amazing designs for creatures in the Star Wars Special Editions and Episode I. Are there reptomammals on Earth or did Terryl just invent that term? Why was the sando aqua monster her favorite creature to design? What’s your favorite Star Wars critter?

In Star Warsologies, hosts James Floyd and Melissa Miller combine their love of Star Wars with their keen interest in all things academic by asking experts about how their field is represented in a galaxy far, far away. It’s a monthly podcast about science and Star Wars!

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Animals Real and Imagined: The Fantasy of What Is and What Might Be

Principles of Creature Design: Creating Imaginary Animals

Science of Creature Design: Understanding Animal Anatomy

The Katurran Odyssey: An Epic Adventure of Courage, Discovery, and Hope

Hear more insights from Terryl on Melissa’s 2020 ForceFest panel

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