Overnight Stay In The Haunted Mansion – Skywalkers Win!!


by Sarah Woloski

UPDATED: 8/9/2014

Here is a visit from Hitch-Hiking Ghosts!:

Adam Medina, my friend from Middle School and High School, JUST WON the OVERNIGHT STAY AT THE HAUNTED MANSION at Disneyland!! Adam, Bobbie Jo and their two children were interviewed VERY early this morning and had to participate in a Trivia Challenge to win the overnight stay.

Here are some screen shots:

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM LIVE Friday, 8/8-8/9 from Midnight to 6am!!

We talked with Adam and Bobbie Jo about the audition process here and, we will talk with them about their stay in the Haunted Mansion on our show! Please subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or YouTube and never miss a moment.


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