Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight – ‘The Kashyyyk Depths,’ Part 1


The panels in this week’s Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight were published Sundays from July 15th to July 29th, 1979.

The panels in this week’s Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight were published Sundays from July 15th to July 29th, 1979.

Kashyyyk Depths 1

Deep within a hidden Rebel fortress, protocol droid, C-3PO is preparing to tell Rebel Archivist droid Mistress Mnemos a new story. Upon mentioning Gyla Petro, Mistress Mnemos says that her files indicate Gyla was suspected of being a spy for the Imperial forces. Threepio replies that she certainly gave Han Solo a reason to think so and begins the story of Gyla Petro which started on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. He and R2-D2 had joined Han and Chewie to participate in the local Life Day celebration…

The four heroes arrive at the Wookiee Village Center, where the Elder is telling the crowd that Life Day is cancelled! Han explains to Threepio (which seemed backwards to me) that the Elder has just forbidden the Wookiees to go into the lower levels to search for the orga roots required for the Life Day ceremonies.

Kashyyyk Depths 2

Threepio remarks to Artoo than the Wookiees are understandably angry, as Life Day only comes around once every three years! Chewie disagrees with the Elder’s declaration, and voices his thoughts loudly. The two Wookiees start stomping and gesturing, which Threepio explains means that the Elder has taken Chewie’s disagreement as a personal insult.

Han tells Threepio that the stomps and gestures of the pair of Wookiees will determine the winner of the argument, which Threepio seems to consider silly. Han says also that the crowd is infuriating the Elder by voicing their agreement with Chewbacca. After a few tense moments the Elder lunges! The two Wookiees engage in a furious hand-to-hand combat, throwing punches and wrestling with all their might! Despite the danger of having his arms ripped out (something Wookiees are known for doing to their enemies), Han dives between the warring Wookiees, shouting that there’s a better solution.

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Will Han survive the fight between Chewbacca and the Elder with both arms intact? Will Chewie be able to sway the Elder to his point of view? What really lurks in the lowest levels of Kashyyyk? Find out the answers to these and much more next week, in Part 2 of the Kashyyyk Depths!

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