Star Wars Resistance FlyBy – “Fuel for the Fire” and “The High Tower”


Introducing an ALL NEW PODCAST: Star Wars Resistance Flyby! We buzz through each of the 22 episodes of the new animated Disney Channel/XD Series, Star Wars Resistance. This week is a Double Feature! First thoughts, Easter eggs, questions & musical breakdown of “Fuel for the Fire” and “The High Tower”.

Star Wars Resistance Flyby "Fuel for the Fire" "The High Tower"

All Wings Report In for this DOUBLE FEATURE of STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY! This week, we discuss S1 E04 – “Fuel for the Fire” and S1 E05 “The High Tower”. Now we are moving past introducing characters, and seeing some backstory. Hype Fazon has a bigger role! Voiced by Donald Faison, Richard and I couldn’t help but delight in seeing his character come alive onscreen after meeting Donald at the Star Wars Resistance Roundtable.  Richard calls out classic creature appearances and classic sound FX. I talk about musical moments. We also share our first thoughts, questions raised by each episode and our favorite moments.

“Fuel for the Fire”

Directed by Bosco Eng
Written by Eugene Son

Kaz meets a new group of friends lead by Jace Rucklin (voiced by Elijah Wood). Jace isn’t the true friend he makes himself out to be, however. He has an ulterior motive which includes stealing Yeager’s hyperfuel. 

“The High Tower”

Directed by Steward Lee
Written by Stephany Folsom

Kaz’s mission as a spy kicks in as he discovers that The First Order has come to the Colossus. Major Vonreg attempts to persuade Capt. Doza to utilize their help in eradicating pirates, ultimately putting the Colossus in the hands of the First Order, the plan that was set forth in the Triple Dark episode.

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Fly-BYE for now, Skywalkers.

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