Star Warsologies Air Traffic Control: Yavin IV war room in ANH

The latest episode of Star Warsologies focuses on managing air (and space) traffic in Star Wars!

Brendan Conboy, a designer of air traffic control systems, joins us for a discussion about how coordinating space traffic might work and not work in the galaxy far, far away. How do aircraft interact with the controllers at an airport? How did the shuttle Tydirium manage to land in the forest without the Empire noticing? What redundant systems might keep the system working even when Anakin clips the tower while crash landing on Coruscant? What is that lonely guy up in the little tower on Yaving IV really doing? We also talk about traffic management on Coruscant and even why air traffic control systems still look like they did in the 70s! Tune in to this episode on Star Wars air traffic control and find out!

In Star Warsologies, hosts James Floyd and Melissa Miller combine their love of Star Wars with their keen interest in all things academic, scientific, or technological by asking experts about how their field is represented in a galaxy far, far away. It’s a monthly podcast about science and Star Wars!

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Star Warsologies Podcast: Ep 12 Air Traffic Control with Brendan Conboy

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Collegiate Training Initiative for Air Traffic:

Video link: That One Rebel Guy You Briefly See On Yavin IV: A Star Wars Story

That One Rebel Guy You Briefly See On Yavin IV: A Star Wars Story

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