Star Warsologies 49: Empathy and Compassion in Star Wars


James and Melissa talk with Maureen Day about empathy and compassion in characters through the Star Wars galaxy.

In this episode of Star Warsologies, we learn the difference between empathy, compassion, and sympathy and how each is represented in Star Wars!

Professor Maureen Day shares her insights with James and Melissa about virtue ethics and vices, and their roles in our galaxy and in Star Wars. Can we forgive the atrocities of Vader and Kylo Ren knowing their backstory of complicated young me? What makes the Sith a good example of empathy? What’s the best redemption arc in Star Wars? There’s more questions than answers in this episode, but we hope you enjoy pondering these topics for yourself!

Show Links:

A reading list from our expert, Maureen Day!

Check out Maureen’s website for more about her research, books, and appearances!

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Star Warsologies is a podcast about science in a galaxy far, far away. Hosts James Floyd and Melissa Miller combine their love of storytelling in the franchise with their keen interest in all things academic.

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