WonderCon 2024 Cosplay Roundup – Talent and Creativity on Display


WonderCon has always been the place to showcase talent and creativity in the world of cosplay and WonderCon 2024 is no exception. All of the talent and creativity was on full display and we captured it here in these photos. No matter what your fandom is, whether it is Star Wars, Star Trek, the Marvel universe, DC, The Muppets, Ghostbusters, video games, or Anime- all cosplayers are there showing off their amazingly creative self-built costumes.

Another fascinating aspect of cosplay at WonderCon 2024 are the organized groups of fandoms.  For example, If you are a Star Wars fan, you can either join the 501st Legion or the Rebel Legion. Both groups require you to have screen accurate costumes to make appearances on their behalf such as charitable work at Children’s Hospitals. Of course there are other groups such as the Southern California Ghostbusters and the Los Angeles Ghostbusters which also do special appearances and, as a community, help each other with the technical aspects of building proton packs and other tools needed to be a Ghostbuster. 

The stand out cosplay this year was a person that built a Princess Irulan costume from Dune 2.  Considering the short timeframe between the premiere of Dune 2 and WonderCon 2024, it was astonishing this cosplayer was able to complete such a high level of costume detail.

Also notable, and a cosplay that stole the show, was a dog dressed as a Sith Lord that not only looked the part but was also able to play the part. 

About WonderCon

Anaheim, CA – WonderCon is three days (March 29-31, 2024) of popular arts and culture, including comics, anime, gaming, the WonderCon Masquerade, and a great Exhibit Hall. WonderCon also has an impressive list of special guests, including the voice of Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein! Visit the WonderCon website or download the App for more info.

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