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Talking Apes 🦍 Adventures! Marvel Comics' Film Adaptation Issue #3

Welcome to our 9th Anniversary Episode! We are back after a Summer break. 

In this episode we will continue our colorful commentary of Marvel’s ADVENTURES ON THE PLANET OF THE APES adaptation series (1975-1976). We will break down the third of six issues, titled, MANHUNT! Written by Doug Moench with artwork by George Tuska, M. Esposito, T. Morellaro, and George Roussos. This issue was released on December 1, 1975

We go over the issue as well as review the cover art with YOUR help. We read many comments where you told us your opinion of the cover art by Ron Wilson. The general consensus is that Taylor looks like Steve Reeves’ Hercules. And what is up with that ape pushing Taylor out of the way from being caught in the net? So much to discuss! 

And we continue our countdown to APE-ril, 2024. So many exciting episodes coming your way! 

Now, Go Ape!!!!

Watch the YouTube version above to see the comic pages as you listen! Audio version is below:

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