Talking Apes talks with Dana Gould!

Happy Holidays to all you Chimps, gorillas, orangutans and even you damn dirty Humanoids! We want to Welcome you once again to Talking Apes! This is your Planet of the Apes podcast where we spotlight the classic Apes era. We talk with authors, actors, the fan community, and we have also broken down each episode of the live and action and animated Planet of the Apes TV Series.

On this episode we will be speaking with none other than writer, producer, Ape-fanatic, and author of Planet of the Apes: Visionaries – Dana Gould! Dana just adapted Rod Serling’s original Apes script into a graphic novel from BOOM! Studios. We talk fandom, films, and about his alter-ego, Dr. Zaius!

Richard and Mark share stories of Planet of the Apes Christmas gifts of years past as well as what is available from the classic Apes era this year from BOOM! Studios, WETA Workshop and more.

Now, Go Ape!

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