Talking Apes would like to dedicate this episode to a big Ape fan Vincent Blosse who passed away on 9/17/2019. Go Ape Vincent!

On this episode of Talking Apes we are very excited to speak with creative consultant, Jeff Bond, who also wrote the liner notes for the new, ‘Planet of the Apes Original Film Series 5 CD Soundtrack Collection,’ from La-La Land Records. This set includes remastered scores from all 5 original films, some original soundtrack releases, and many bonus track additions! La-La Land Records saved this incredible set for their 500 release!

We speak with Jeff about his Planet of the Apes fandom, his involvement with La-la Land Records going back to the Apes TV series soundtrack, and the extensive research that went into getting this collection produced. Then in our next episode coming soon, we will breakdown and review each of the soundtracks included in this collection. And, what would a Roddy McDowall/Adam West odd couple buddy cop TV series be like?

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