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Hey Hey Ape fans! Happy New Year everyone. We hope everyone had an Urko-tastic 2014 (We’re trying to make that a thing).

We are now at the halfway hump having gone through 8 episodes. In this episode we look “The Deception”, which aired on 11/1/1974. Galen, Pete and Alan hunt down a band of murderous ape dragoons. But the blind ape daughter of the dragoons’ latest victim falls in love with Pete – unaware that he is human.

Ape listener, Michael Kostka, writes in to answer some questions from the last episode, “The Surgeon”, including where to find future American Werewolf and Dr. Pepper pitch-man David Naughton.

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1 thought on “TALKING APES TV: “The Deception”

  1. Great episode review! I did not have clear memories of this episode from 1974. Its interesting to look back and realize that Perdix was more interested in finding the Dragoons then arresting the two humans. I know he was not aware they were astronauts. But this is one Gorilla police officer who truly believed in justice.

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