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Hey Hey Ape fans, we are going to take a break from the Return To The Planet Of The Apes series (sorry once again Lagoon of Peril) to talk with Ape Fan/Cosplayer/Icarus-namer (you’ll find out) – Max Cervantes!

We met Max last year at Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention when one question turned into a fantastic 45 minute discussion full of fun Ape facts and his place in the original Apes canon. We knew Max still had more stories in him and we were so right. Find out more about the Ape City Cosplay Crew, why we couldn’t find the Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes sets in Los Angeles, and yes, we have get his point-of-view on the Felix Silla/Gary Dubin Ape Child controversy debate!

And we even have time to ‘Listen To The Apes’!
Now Go APE!
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