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Hey Hey Ape fans! In this show we look at “The Cure”, the 12th episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series.

Synopsis: A village that Alan, Pete and Galen had just left is devastated by malaria. The trio returns to assist, only to find themselves sealed in by a quarantine. Alan and Pete butt heads with Dr. Zoran, a chimpanzee sent by the High Council to experiment on the humans. At the same time, Urko wants to burn the village to the ground, with everyone inside it.

We also reveal the two new winners of the Apes CD soundtrack provided by La-La Land Records. Listen to find out if you’re the lucky ape!

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Enjoy “The Cure” and go Ape!

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1 thought on “TALKING APES TV: “The Cure”

  1. Another example of Pete and Alan knowing how to do just about anything. Plus I have no memories of this episode, I don’t recall it airing in New York City back in 1974. I first saw “The Cure” back in 2016. It was shocking to see Urko threaten to harm Zaius during the major confrontation near the end of the episode.

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