In episode 2 of Totally Tell Me Everything — a monthly podcast hosted by podcasters and friends, Sarah Woloski and Bryn MacKinnon — we tackle the topic of Space! As always, we’ve got three questions to ask and answer about this episode’s topic, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Question 1: What is it about space and how did your interest in space begin?

Question 2: What do we want to learn about space?

Interestingly, we both did research on and want to talk about life beyond our planet, but from slightly different angles.

Question 3: What are you excited about regarding space? 

Sarah can’t wait to get involved in space research, and you can, too!

  • SETI’s Planet Patrol: You can inspect stars from home and help with SETI’s research
  • Citizen Science for NASA: Collaborate with NASA scientists on many different projects from your cell phone or laptop.
  • NASA Solve: There are problems to solve, and you can get involved! You might even win a competition.

Bryn is excited to catch the space action as it happens. Here’s how you can, too!

Tangents and corrections:

Final Thought:

We wrap it up by revisiting Bryn’s husband’s statement that space exploration is the manifestation of our biggest dreams, goals and questions as humans. Space exploration, whether up there in rockets, shuttles and space stations or from down here on our home planet, captures and expands our imaginations. It is ambitious, dangerous, difficult and risky. But as Ellie Arroway’s father says in the movie “Contact” when she asks him if he thinks there’s people on other planets: “I don’t know, Sparks. But I guess I’d say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space.” 

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Totally Tell Me Everything. We’re so happy to share this space and time with you.

As always, huge thanks to the totally talented “John Williams of Podcasting,” Rob Dehlinger, his wife, Lisa Dehlinger, and their daughter, Zoe, for our super theme song. Check out Rob’s stellar band, the Alpha Rhythm Kings

We hope you’ll come over and sit by us for our next conversation, episode 3…about Books!

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Two friends, one fun topic, three burning questions = lots of fun conversation! Each month we pick a topic and ask each other three questions about it – we learn about the subject, our past and each other. So come sit by us and we’ll totally tell you everything!

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