VIDEO: Knott’s Berry Farm 100th Anniversary Food, Entertainment & Fun


You can visit Knott’s Berry Farm from May 21 through September 6, 2021 and celebrate Knott’s 100th Anniversary with food, rides and fun! Check out this video for a preview of your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm.

On May 20th, Richard and Sarah attended the 100th Anniversary Preview Party at Knott’s Berry Farm! We checking out Boysenberry-liscious food, rode on the new Knott’s Bear-Y Tales: Return to the Fair attraction and visited the Haunted Shack. Eric Nix (Entertainment Producer) and Jeff Gahagan (VP of Maintenance) stopped by to share some behind-the-scenes info on this celebration, and recommend their favorite foods. The theme park is now open to the general public on May 21 with new food, new attractions and new entertainment you can enjoy all summer long. It’s going to be a fantastic summer at Knott’s!

VLOG: Knott’s 100th Anniversary Preview Party Video

Knott’s 100th Anniversary Food Pics and Reviews

Speaking of food, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted the mouth-watering creations Knott’s kitchen staff dreams up. You’ll see a few food items in the video above, but here are a few more you can expect when you spend a day at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer.

Knott's berry farm
Churro stuffed with boysenberry jelly

Churro Stuffed with Boysenberry – you can find this gem at the Gourmet Churro Factory. It is your typical cinnamon and sugar flavor, but inside is filled to the brim with boysenberry jelly. *CAUTION* When eating, make sure you take a bite over your plate, otherwise the boysenberry jelly may come out the other end and plop on your unsuspecting clothes.

Boysenberry BBQ Carne Asada Pizza

Boysenberry BBQ Carne Asada Pizza with Cilantro and Onions – found at Hollywood Hits Pizza, this amazing creation is one of the best and filling items at the park. The pizza sauce is Boysenberry BBQ sauce that is flavorful, with a hint of sweet boysenberry – it’s not overwhelming at all. The pizza is piled high with melty mozzarella cheese, and topped with the aforementioned Carne Asada – broken in little bits perfect for mingling with all the other flavors. It is just delectable.

Knott's berry farm video
Breaded chicken burger on donuts!

Breaded Chicken Burger on a Glazed Donut with Cheese and Bacon – Recommended by Knott’s Entertainment Producer Eric Nix – WOW. This splittable feast comes with both your dinner and dessert! Again, the mix of sweet and savory here is to die for.

Fun Bun with a Boysenberry Glaze – This was better than the Flavored Funnel Cake! It is a deep-friend cinnamon bun topped with silky smooth boysenberry glaze and powdered sugar. Bring on the tasty calories!!

Boysenberry Sangria

Boysenberry Sangria – If you’ve had Boysenberry Wine, but think the wine is a little too sweet, then the boysenberry sangria is for you! With a base of boysenberry wine, the sangria adds fruity and citrusy flavors that cut the sweetness and ups the sophistication of the wine. It’s also a fairly large drink with a slice of orange that looks and tastes lovely.

The video above shows you some of these foods up close. We also share the new Knott’s Bear-y Tales attraction, new characters and the general atmosphere of this lovely theme park. Please enjoy!

Check out this post for more details on what to expect at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer.

The anniversary celebration runs through September 6, 2021. In accordance with current state guidelines, capacity will be limited and available to California residents only with reservations required for both single-day visits and Season Passholders. Ticket sales and reservations are available now at

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