LEGO Movie World Grand Opening set for May 27 at LEGOLAND, CA


Carlsbad, CA – The LEGO Movie World will officially open on May 27 at LEGOLAND California, and we will be there to share all the NEW, fun details! Expect a Vlog, article and lots of social media sharing on the day.

LEGO Movie World Attractions

You will step into Bricksburg – a land inspired by The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. This land will feature six interactive attractions!

Emmet’s Flying Adventure (LEGO Movie World flagship attraction)

LEGO Movie World Masters of Flight
Emmet’s Flying Adventure

The flagship attraction, Emmet’s Flying Adventure invites guests to ride on Emmet’s flying couch and meet characters including The Lego Movie 2’s Sweet Mayhem. It will include a full-dome virtual screen which will take you through Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Pirates Cove and Outer Space. Where else can you go to Outer Space?? If this ride sounds familiar, that’s because it is already a hit in Legoland Florida as The Lego Movie Masters of Flight. (It also sounds a lot like Soarin’ Over California at DCA)

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

LEGO Movie World UniKitty
UniKitty’s Disco Drop

This is a brand new ride, labeled “a family drop tower” that will launch guests to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land. From there you’ll go on a rainbow-filled journey based on Unikitty and her many moods. “drop, spin and bounce back down to earth in sync with Unikitty’s wide range of emotions!”

Queen Watevra’s Carousel

A rethemed version of Mia’s Riding Camp carousel. Now you can spin along with the Queen and 60 of her horses on this huge carousel intended for younger guests.

Benny’s Playship

This space-themed playground structure is perfect for kids. They can explore Benny’s spaceship in the heart of Bricksburg!

Emmet’s Super Suite

LEGO Movie World Emmet
Emmet’s Super Suite

Want to meet some LEGO characters?? This is the place! Stop by Emmet’s apartment and meet characters from The LEGO Movie.

Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build

It’s a building zone in Bricksburg, perfect for those aspiring to be Master Model Builders

LEGO Movie World Food

LEGO Movie World food
Cloud Cuckoo Crepes

Everything is Ramen!

LEGO Movie World’s premiere restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious homemade ramen, rice bowls and salads.

Cloud Cuckoo Crepes

Get your dessert here!

Benny’s Rocket Fuel

Benny’s Rocket Fuel offers a selection of drinks and snacks, including ice cream, popcorm and slushies.

LEGO Movie World Merchandise

The Awesome Shop

Yo! Check out The Awesome Shop (with really cool stuff)! You’ll find tons of The LEGO Movie Merchandise, including LEGO sets, t-shirts, mugs and more.

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Lego Movie World was slated to open in March 2020, but that pesky pandemic got in the way. For tickets, reservations and more info on safety, head to

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