238: Bruce Vilanch, Hollywood Writer


Bruce Vilanch, legendary Hollywood writer and 6x Emmy winner, joins us for a great discussion on the Academy Awards and The Star Wars Holiday Special! We also talk John Williams and our top ten tracks.

Bruce Vilanch, Hollywood writer, has so many credits we can’t list them all! He’s written for the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, Tony’s and People’s Choice Awards. Bruce is also a 6x Emmy Winner, has played Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, been a square in Hollywood Squares, was in the film Ice Pirates, wrote The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, has had major contributions in the Comic Relief charities, and was a writer for The Star Wars Holiday Special! Now he’s skywalking through Neverland to tell us amazing stories about his experience!

On Valentine’s week we also celebrate our LOVE of JOHN WILLIAMS. If you were program director at a concert of John Williams’ music, which 10 tracks would you choose? We asked ourselves and our Skywalkers this question.

Things We Want To Share:

Walt Disney Studios gave us a sneak peak of the live-action Aladdin, and a blue Will Smith…uh…I mean, a Genie….I think. So we talk about that.

And Howard the Duck is BACK and animated! Marvel is dropping 4 new adult animated series on Hulu, including Howard the Duck, and Richard is excited!

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