239: Original Jawa Tim Donaldson


Tim Donaldson is the youngest actor in Star Wars: A New Hope – at 5 years old he played a Jawa! Hear his story right here on Skywalking Through Neverland.

Tim Donaldson is the youngest actor in Star Wars: A New Hope – at 5 years old he played a Jawa! He was in the right place, right time – elementary school in Death Valley, CA in 1977 – when George Lucas needed pick-up shots for the Tatooine scenes. It’s a fascinating story! 

Things We Want To Share:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Skywalking Through Neverland will be on the official Star Wars Celebration Chicago Podcast Stage!
  • Richard shares a touching tribute to Peter Tork of The Monkees. He passed away on 2/21/19 at the age of 77. We all share a big wookiee hug.
  • What’s it like to meet a famous cat? Awesome and cuddly, that’s what! We share the story of how we met Goose (aka Reggie) from Captain Marvel, and also a short, spoiler-free review of this awesome film. Marvel continues its series of entertaining slam-dunks.

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  • DARE TO DREAM with us! You can join in our music video with music by Eric Walker (Mace Towani of The Ewok Adventure films). Check out this YouTube video of the simple dance moves and send in video of YOU and your friends!

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