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We have the complete pleasure of bringing you a wonderful conversation with STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS actors and power couple Gloria and Vincent Garcia. They were on set for a full month as they shot the exciting opening scene of the film. Gloria Garcia was lucky enough to play the first female you see, looking fiercely protective of her village as Poe runs behind her to his X-Wing. Their energy matched our own and it’s a conversation not to be missed. (20:17)


Go Behind-The-Scenes with Ford Riley, the executive producer on the NEW Disney Junior series based on The Lion KingTHE LION GUARD. He joins us to talk about the conception of the show, the story and how it was based on his children. We’ve seen a few preview episodes and WOW! The animation, story and characters are all great. Sarah is especially in love with the cheetah, Fuli, and it’s a fun conversation. THE LION GUARD premieres on The Disney Channel on January 15th – make sure to check it out. (1:22:08)

ASK TINK! Margaret Kerry, the original Tinker Bell Animator’s model is BACK as our Fairy Podmother! She doles out advice and wisdom to a few lucky Skywalkers. (1:11:28)

Also on this episode:

  • Things We Want To Share – Disneyland closes a good portion of Frontierland and The Rivers Of America to make way for Star Wars Land. We talk about what’s closing, how social media blew up, and what Disney Parks are doing to compensate in the interim. (7:27)
  • RIP David Bowie (7:27)
  • Skywalker Shout-Outs & Skywalker Of The Week (1:07:02)


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