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     Was there ever a more romantic scene in any movie? This week we open with an ode to Valentine’s Day (thanks to the melodic Ewan McGregor) then we skywalk to the other side of pop culture fandom and talk superheroes with Steve Houston from Torpedo Comics. Steve tells us which superheroes made a (somewhat) faithful leap from comic pages to the silver screen. Then he tells us which ones made him rip several organs out of his own body.
We tell you what’s happening in the world of Disney. From Annual Passholder sing-along screenings to Avengers, there’s something for everyone!  Joining Thor in Anaheim, Captain America will be meeting, greeting and saluting fans. And a new Walt Disney biopic will be hitting screens this spring.
Skywalking Through Neverland’s east coast correspondent, Jim Pruy, digs himself out of a snowbank to give us a Disney Short Report. We look at Donald Duck in The Fox Hunt from 1938. (What is Donald saying?)
Last week we talked about an analogy between the most recent Big Bang Theory, that guest starred James Earl Jones and an under-used Carrie Fisher, with an episode of the 1998 David Spade sitcom, Just Shoot Me. This week we play the Just Shoot Me video clip where Mark Hamill is the guest star and turns the fanboy tables on David Spade the way James Earl Jones should have done to Sheldon!
At the end of our video podcast we give you Sam Shazam dancing in an Ewok hood. Is Sam becoming a world-wide sensation? It is if you ask the man dancing at the Olympics. All this and much more on this week’s episode of Skywalking Through Neverland!

Our Guests

Steve Houston of Torpedo Comics

Jim Pruy, STN East Coast Correspondent

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