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If a female cosplayer wears a sexy costume, does that mean you can touch her and make lewd comments? Has geek bullying gone too far, like the incident at New York Comic Con 2013? We get together with male and female cosplayers, a slave Leia, a slave master and 16 Bit Sirens to discuss this hot topic in a special Tiki Cantina roundtable.

Visit 16 Bit Sirens Cosplay =/= Consent article that started it all.

Fancy a Slave Leia Bikini?

Connect with @BoobaFett83, Alexander Albatross and @JediTink

Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent


4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Cosplay =/= Consent

  1. This is a very lively & timely discussion of the issues surrounding mostly female participation in the public fandom exercise of the cosplay artform. Sarah and her guests in the spontaneous TikiCantina segment share their experiences and offer suggestions for common sense interaction of all attendees and security at fan conventions. Thanks for your efforts to create and manage this great forum! As usual the accompanying slide and video clips along with the music themes make for a very entertaining and professional podcast!

    1. Thank you for your review! We definitely take any and all comments into account when producing upcoming episodes.

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