Greetings and salutations, friends! We’re back, and we’re diving into COSPLAY, a creative pursuit that’s near and dear to our sewing machines and hot glue guns.

Question 1: What is your connection to cosplay?

  • Sarah: It all started with Slave Leia/Hut-slayer Leia/Gold Bikini Leia and JediTink during 2007 and 2012 Star Wars Celebration Los Angeles and San Diego Comic Con
    • Proto-cosplay: ‘80s Superman pajamas
    • Still cosplaying? 
      • Yes! Making costumes for runDisney events gives Sarah the challenge of creating cosplay that’s still functional for doing what you need to do
  • Bryn: The Cosplay =/= Consent episode of Skywalking Through Neverland inspired Bryn to put together her Brave Leia (Merida/Leia mash-up) for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015
    • Proto-cosplay: Wonder Woman Underoos
    • Still cosplaying? 
      • Yes, from home during the pandemic over zoom a bit
      • making costumes for the kids
      • Disneybounding! Outfits that mimic something or everything from a character using clothes and accessories you already have (see The Disneybound, BrynI had the name wrong in this episode).

Question 2: What do we want to learn about cosplaying?

  • LARPing! What is the difference between LARPing and cosplay?
    • Live Action Role Playing: You create your character and act as that character at an all-day or multi-day event
    • Cosplay: You make a costume of a character that already exists and display the costume at event or in photography
    • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Building cosplay skills! 

Question 3: What are you excited about regarding cosplaying?

  • Bryn’s excited to cosplay/Disneybound with her son at conventions in 2022! No solid ideas yet, and we have to get started!
  • Sarah’s holy grail cosplay: Couples cosplay of Robin Hood and Maid Marian from Disney’s animated film for Disneyland’s Sweethearts’ Nite this year
  • Both of us are thankful for everyday cosplay items from companies like Elhoffer Design, Her Universe, and BoxLunch. Maybe Bryn will actually find some kind of fun workout clothes.

Bonus: Basketball is a peaceful planet, please.

Cosplay pics!

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