We are so excited to welcome Resilience Squadron to the Skywalking Network!

Resilience Squadron is a monthly podcast sharing the adventures, challenges, and representation of disabled and chronically ill fans across the Star Wars universe. The first episode aired on November 11, 2020, and you can listen to the Teaser Trailer now!

Your hosts are Greg Norman and Jack Vasvary, and they share and discuss great stories related to disability, chronic illness, and mental health within the Star Wars fandom. Look forward to interviews and stories as Jack and Greg cover accessibility, representation, and other topics related to inclusion across the Star Wars fan community and in the Star Wars universe.

The Resilience Squadron is a proud member of the Skywalking Network. Search “Resilience Squadron” and listen on your favorite podcatcher. If this podcast doesn’t show up in your favorite podcatcher, please let us know! So far you can subscribe here:

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Resilience Squadron Teaser Trailer:

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How We Met

Jack and Greg stepped in at the last minute to join ForceFest back in August 2020. They provided much needed perspective for the panel, “Navigating Fandom with Different Abilities.” This was a hugely popular panel at ForceFest, and was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of a deeper conversation. From August until now we have been planning this podcast addition to the Skywalking Network. These conversations need to happen, and what better way but in the form of a monthly podcast! While you wait for the arrival of Episode 1 on 11/23, you can view the entire ForceFest Panel.

Navigating Fandom with Different Abilities

For most of us, celebrating your Star Wars fandom is as simple as seeing the latest film or TV series, walking the floor at a Celebration convention or listening to the newest soundtrack. But for others, it doesn’t come so easy when you have a disability or special needs that prevents you from doing most of these things. In this panel we will experience how those with a disability navigate through their fandom with blindness, Asperger’s Syndrome or cerebral palsy. Experience fandom in a whole new way!

Resilience Squadron Episodes

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