Mando and LEGO! Disney+ News and Debut Round-up (November 6, 2020)


A new Mandalorian episode and a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer?? It’s like Christmas morning! Keep scrolling to find everything NEW you can watch this week on Disney+! Nov 6, 2020

A new Mandalorian episode and a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer?? It’s like Christmas morning! Keep scrolling to find everything NEW you can watch this week on Disney+!

Disney+ News

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer

Premieres November 17 – LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer is Here! Prepare to dissolve in a puddle of nostalgia and hilarity. Watch now, and check out Richard’s Trailer Breakdown with great screenshots here.

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special | Official Trailer | Disney+

This Week on Disney+ for Friday, November 6

Disney+ Original Series or Premieres

The Mandalorian Episode 202 – “Chapter 10”
The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies as they make their way through a dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. 

The Right Stuff Episode 106 – “VOSTOK”
JFK sends a science committee to Cape Canaveral to assess the validity of the space program. Glenn, burning from the results of the peer vote, drafts letters to politicians complaining that Shepard is morally unfit to be the first man in space. But matters of internal power plays and a skeptical president are soon dwarfed by news out of Russia that could be the nail in Project Mercury’s coffin. 

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Episode 107 – “The Big Egg Switcheroo”
Big sisters reign supreme in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! On the savanna, teenage African elephant Nadirah is a great babysitter for her little sister, Stella, but her skittishness remains a major growing pain. Animal care experts Erin and Elizabeth must get creative to help Nadirah face her fear and cross a bridge that connects two parts of the elephant habitat. At The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT, Harry, a rescued green sea turtle, must swim to a specific target for his leafy dinner — a skill he needs in order to graduate to the main tank. At Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Alika, a little colobus monkey with a penchant for creating chaos, becomes a big sister — a first for the park! Meanwhile, endangered vultures Carri and Bones try to fill their nest, but when the lovebirds can’t agree on the best way to build a home, animal keeper Tricia steps in to assist. 

One Day at Disney Episode 149 – “Leslie Evans: Senior R&D Imagineer”
Leslie Evans creatively applies cutting-edge technology to bring Disney theme park stories to life. A life-long Walt Disney World fan, Leslie has always been fascinated by the intersection of creativity and engineering. She uses her diverse background in both Industrial Design and Materials Science Engineering to invent new and innovative guest experiences for Disney parks around the globe. 

Season Finale Weird But True

Episode 313 – “Camping”
Carly and Charlie must achieve the rank of master camper, and because they have never personally camped before, they take a trip to Coronado National Forest within Arizona’s Saguaro National Park. There, they get expert advice and begin to fully absorb what it is like to camp and how to become master campers.

New to Streaming on Disney+

These series and films are not Disney+ Originals, but they will begin streaming on November 6 unless otherwise noted.

  • Disney Goldie & Bear (s1) 
  • Disney Goldie & Bear (s2)
  • Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: Fancy it Yourself (s1)
  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol
  • Mr. Magoo

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