Hello again, readers! My name is Jonathan Marroquin, and I’m reviewing each episode of the Mandalorian as it comes out. Grab a spotchka (or a blue milk) and grab a chair, and I’ll tell you what I think of this week’s episode.

Episode Info: In this episode, aired 11/6/2020, The Mandalorian must transport Frog Lady to the only planet hospitable to her species, which she must reach in order to fertilize her eggs before its too late! Mando, however, has his own reasons for agreeing to transport Frog Lady: he hopes to find some more of his own species at their destination!

To start off with, I rather disliked how Mando traded away his jetpack, then immediately took it back. That bounty hunter was just trying to get a little something for his trouble. Then again, beskar is traditionally an exclusively Mandalorian-owned metal, so perhaps it’s part of the Mandalorian code that beskar automatically belongs in the hands of Mandos? Either way, the way Mando got the jetpack back was amusing.

Doctor Mandible plays sabacc, and loses

However, those who know the extended history of the Mos Eisley cantina (specifically behind-the-scenes from A New Hope) got a thrill, when Mando walks over to greet Peli Motto, and Doctor Mandible! Doctor Mandible’s design is most likely based off of the alien called Kitik Keed’kak, an alien that was in the cantina in A New Hope, though she never gets a close-up. Doctor Mandible is considerably shorter, however, so it may just be a coincidence. Nonetheless, Lucasfilm proves over and over that they know their Manda-Lore! Get it? Manda-LORE? *Ahem*

Peli’s droids roast some Krayt dragon meat over an engine

Moments later, I just had to smile at the method Peli’s droids used to prepare some Krayt dragon meat: roasting it in front of a podracer engine! Classic.

A pair of Kadrillian chameleon-people

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Frog Lady stepped into view. Immediately, I thought of the Kadrillian chameleon people, who first appeared in the Marvel Star Wars comic strips that were published daily in some newspapers back in the late 1970s, and early 1980s. Again, it could be another coincidence, but I like to think that Kadril may finally make its way into Canon.

A pair of New Republic fighters ‘pull over’ the Razor Crest

On the subject of frog people, I was alternately disgusted and amused by The Child constantly popping Frog Lady’s eggs into his mouth when nobody was looking. Later on, I especially enjoyed seeing New Republic X-wings “pull over” the Razor Crest for a traffic citation. The dialogue and high-speed chase was reminiscent of a classic traffic stop gone wrong here on Earth. As my grandfather said when the Razor Crest was trying to maneuver away from the X-wings, “That Frog Lady is going to have some scrambled eggs.” Near the end of the episode, when the X-wings pull away, the music playing undeniably resembled the Resistance Suite, as heard in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Even the music in The Mandalorian hints at the future of the galaxy.

Final Thoughts on The Passenger

Overall, this episode was well-put together, with amazing graphics, great humor, and new species. However, this season still isn’t quite grabbing me the way the first one did. For one thing, I and many others were hoping that the ice planet was Ilum (the planet where most Jedi got their Kyber crystals). Hopefully, when Mando arrives in the system of the gas giant Kol Iben and drops off Frog Lady, we’ll finally get some more Mandalorian characters in the show. As Mando seems to be operating out of Mos Eisley, for the moment, at least, I hope that Mando and Boba will meet at some point in the season. No matter what’s coming in the episodes ahead, I’ll see you again next week, when The Mandalorian returns!

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