Episode 60: 2014 & BEYOND with Tricia Barr & Mark Newbold


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Well, crack open a bottle of champagne cause it’s time to celebrate the new year and our 60th episode!

To celebrate, we brought on two awesome guests: Mark Newbold (Jedi News UK and Radio 1138) and Tricia Barr (Fangirls Going Rogue, co-author of Ultimate Star Wars, FangirlBlog.com) join us to look back at the hits, the misses and surprises of 2014, and what is on our bucket list for 2015.

What’s your hashtag for 2014? Can you guess what ours were? Find out!

Also on this episode:

  • Skywalker of the Week
  • Skywalker Shout-Outs

And for the last time in 2014:


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