VIDEO: Disneyland – Everything We’ve Never Done


Richard’s FIRST ride on Splash Mountain is a colossal …splash…!? Come find out as we do everything we’ve NEVER done at Disneyland!

Splash Mountain (would you believe it??), Autopia, Frontierland Shooting Gallery, The Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer’s Island – these are just a few of the attractions we’ve almost NEVER done at Disneyland! So we took one day, and did them ALL. 

Now, Richard’s first ride on Splash Mountain has been documented as a colossal …splash…!? Sarah’s first trip to the Shooting Gallery has her thinking she’s better than Hawkeye. Dave Skale (Skywalking Through Neverland Ghost Host) got lost on his first trip to Tom Sawyer’s Island, but found the dragon’s lair.

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