Hondo and Chirrut and Aphra, oh my! A Galaxy’s Edge #3 Review


Dok Ondar teams up with the infamous pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Kendoh continues her search for an ancient weapon with help from a certain archeologist.

This article contains plot points for Galaxy’s Edge #3.

Marvel Comics Galaxy’s Edge #3 has everything from action, comedy, and plenty of call-backs to past Star Wars stories. Plus huge reveal that is unexpected but makes complete sense. Ethan Sacks (writer) and Will Sliney (art) have created a tale that deserves to be more than a miniseries (it really should be ongoing considering all of the hidden treasures found at Galaxy’s Edge). It’ll be a sad day when Galaxy’s Edge does wrap up in two months time because this has been a super enjoyable series from the start. In Galaxy’s Edge #3, the ever-famous frienemy pirate Hondo Ohnaka makes an appearance which is a recipe for laughs and a few eye rolls. Whenever Hondo is involved, it’s never his fault, it’s all true (unless it’s not), and there is profit to be had.

Band on the Run

Galaxy’s Edge #3 begins with Remex running from Red Fury squad through Merchant Row in Black Spire Outpost. It’s clear the First Order has little respect for the civilians of Black Spire as one of the troopers misses a shot at Remex only to hit a man in the chest with a laser bolt. He is left lying in the streets without a second thought. It’s interesting how one of the troopers refers to Remex as “Remex 10” (at least it looks like the number 10. It could be IO). If it is a ten, then that would indicate Remex could be a clone. Remex soon loses the troopers when he changes shape to a woman in a cloak and directs the troopers in the opposite direction. Even First Order stormtroopers are easily fooled.

Shortly after, Remex is captured by Varg, a muscle-man in the employ of Dok Ondar, who was sent to “fix” a solution to a problem. Remex finally meets with the rest of his group at Oga’s Cantina. This is the first appearance for Oga’s Cantina in this series. Oga’s is a hot spot for locals and travelers who need a break to enjoy a cold drink and to escape the heat. While trying to explain his tardiness to Kendoh, Remex comments that “They’ve made me. They know we’re here.” What does he mean by, “they’ve made me?” Whatever his intended meaning, Remex is frightened enough to want to forget the heist and leave Batuu immediately.

Hondo Ohnaka in Galalxy's Edge #3

The Price is Wrong

Meanwhile, Kendoh leaves Remex and Wooro across the bar to see a “fortune teller about a windfall.” Here’s where the fun begins. Kendoh quickly dismisses the fortune teller and is introduced to his employer, Hondo Ohnaka. Thanks to Jim Cummings, it’s literally impossible to read Hondo’s dialogue without doing his voice. Hondo offers Kendoh passage on his ship for the right price, but Kendoh isn’t concerned about the price. She needs a pilot good enough to get past the First Order blockade. After Kendoh doubts Hondo’s piloting abilities, Hondo indulges Kendoh in a story, exaggerations and all. It’s revealed here that Hondo is actually a spy for Dok Ondar and is tasked with pumping Kendoh for information.

A Jedi sculpture in Galaxy's Edge #3

It Belongs in a Museum

Hondo begins to tell a tale of adventure on Jedha when he and Dok team up to obtain an ancient Jedi sculpture within the temple of the kyber guarded by the Guardians of the Whills. When Dok Ondar was first introduced as the antique collector in Galaxy’s Edge, he was described as somewhat cantankerous, yet here Dok is extremely respectful of the history of the Guardians and is taken aback when Hondo stuns a guardian. It’s a case of a collector who feels closer to his collection than to other people. Hondo is accompanied by his protege, Quadoro, but he doesn’t last more than a page before he gets blasted by a guardian.

While Hondo is locked in a shootout with a couple of guardians, Dok eyes the sculpture which resembles a serpent wrapping its snake-like body around a Jedi wielding a sword. The image is reminiscent of the cover of the upcoming middle-grade novel Star Wars Myths & Fables by George Mann which also includes stories that take place on the remote world of Batuu. The cover art of that books shows a dragon-like creature circling a Jedi standing on a large rock—this book releases on August 6.

There’s Always a Bit of Truth in Legends

What’s also interesting is in Legends Dok Ondar’s home planet of Ithor is known for its flora, and here Dok comments that his parents were simple gardeners who suddenly died in an archeological secret (hold that thought). It’s abundantly clear how much Ondar appreciates and respects the sculpture by the way Sliney illustrates it. The way Ondar stares at it, everything around him is completely tuned out. As the two are about to escape the temple, one guardian remains; Chirrut Îmwe. How cool is it to see Hondo face off against Chirrut? Just like the stormtroopers on Jedha later on, Hondo sees Chirrut as an easy target because of his blindness. And just like the troopers, Hondo soon finds out that “there are other ways to see than with just eyes.”

Chirrut Imwe in Galaxy's Edge #3

Dynamic Duo

It has been debated whether or not Chirrut is a Jedi (technically everyone is Force-sensitive). According to Dok Ondar, Chirrut is tuned into the Force enough to know that Ondar has nothing but respect for the guardians. Dok convinces Chirrut that he requires the statue to learn more about how his parents died. Even if he didn’t mean all of it, most of it was true. It shows Hondo and Dok have a lot in common.

Kendoh's white elephant in Galaxy's Edge #3

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The two leave the temple with the statue in Quadoro’s ship, which is very similar to the ship Hondo gang uses during The Clone Wars. As the pair are about to jump to hyperspace to avoid Imperial capture the story ends. Hondo is back on Batuu discussing what needs to be carried past the First Order blockade. Kendoh shows Hondo an image of a sword. Hondo nearly faints at the sight of the image and begins to tell Kendoh where he’s seen it before. He starts to describe who he saw last with it. The description can only fit one person: Doctor Aphra. Wow! The final page shows Aphra and Hondo making arrangments for passage with Aphra showing a hologram of the sword in her right hand.

Doctor Aphra. 'Nuff said.

What an issue! Galaxy’s Edge #3 brought in Hondo, Chirrut Îmwe and the Guardians of the Whills. And now Doctor Aphra (from the Doctor Aphra comic and originally from Darth Vader vol. 1). Also using a sword as the MacGuffin is interesting since it’s usually a weapon used by less advanced cultures. Is it possible Galaxy’s Edge #3 is setting up something for David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the writers from Game of Thrones? Benioff and Weiss are currently set to produce a trilogy of films set to release in the 2020s. There are also rumors of a series of films set around the time of the Old Republic, but those are only rumors. The connection being, both Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Old Republic games are known for their sword fighting.

Ronto Wrap Up

Galaxy’s Edge #3 contains loads of fun, and Hondo delights. The way Sacks spotlights the team of Hondo, and Dok Ondar works really well as both characters wereG allowed space to be themselves. There isn’t much of Wooro and only a little of Remex and Kendoh. While the previous two issues focused on how others (Han and Greedo) obtained items for Ondar, Ondar was more proactive in procuring his own treasure. The preview for Galaxy’s Edge #4 identifies the sword as The Sword of Kashyun, and it looks like Doctor Aphra will make a more significant appearance. It will be exciting to compare and contrast the archeological techniques and philosophies of Aphra and Ondar. Galaxy’s Edge #4 drops on July 31.

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