VIDEO: Galaxy’s Edge Build-A Lightsaber Experience


What’s it like to build your own Lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge?? Pure magic. This is one of the only places in Galaxy’s Edge that has a musical score composed by John Williams! The experience lasts about 15-20 minutes and starts when you pay $200 to reserve your spot to build. This is what that $200 pays for:

  • A special pin based on the type of lightsaber pieces you have chosen.
  • the parts to build
  • a kyber crystal
  • a lightsaber blade
  • a super-cool lightsaber holder you can sling over your back.

As of now, this is ONLY available in Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, and at Walt Disney World on August 29th (and for the preview period before that). There’s no word yet if this will be available on the Shop Disney Parks App, but due to the nature of this experience and choosing your own pieces, I doubt it. BIG THANKS to Matt Harrington (@Darth_Durango) who let us join him for his lightsaber build.

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