Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge 5 Review: The Final Battle?


While Dok Ondar procures both sides of the sacred The Sword of Kashyun, the First Oder is knocking at his door in Galaxy’s Edge #5.

While Dok Ondar procures both sides of the sacred The Sword of Kashyun, the First Order is knocking at his door in Galaxy’s Edge #5.

This article contains plot points for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #5.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #5 “A Double-Edged Sword” wraps up this series and oh what a series it has been! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has seen cameos from Han and Chewie, Greedo, Hondo Ohnaka, and Doctor Aphra. Each issue has been an absolute delight, filled with action and suspense and loads of cool tidbits about Galaxy’s Edge that is sure to add to the experience of visiting the theme park.

As usual Galaxy’s Edge was written by Ethan Sacks with art by Will Sliney. Comic books, however, are the result of more than just the writer and artist. Credit also goes to Dono Sánchez-Almara with Protobunker for the coloring, Virtual Calligraphy’s Travis Lanham for the lettering. Cover art was done by Tommy Lee Edwards, Production Designer is Anthony Gambino, Editor is Mark Paniccia, and Assistant Editor is Tom Groneman. Without everyone’s contribution, this enjoyable series would not have happened.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Okay, let’s get to the story. The First Order had warned they’d be keeping an eye on what goes on inside Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. They had a hunch Ondar would be dealing in some highly suspect contraband that is frowned upon. And now they’ve been caught. Dok Ondar, Kendoh, Wooro, Ondar’s security droid BK-86, and one of Ondar’s assistants.

The First Order stormtroopers mean business as they brutally shock Wooro, and beat Kendoh with the butt of a blaster. Kendoh considers using the Sword of Kashyun on the troopers as revenge, but before Kendoh can act, Ondar advises her against using the sword saying,

“The damn sword is a curse. It makes a person do…evil…things. Acts you come to regret over the course of a lifetime.”

In other words, The Sword of Kashyun is just as dangerous to the user as it is for the target. Hence the term double-edged sword.

And with that, the Galaxy’s Edge flashback begins back on Moraband where Dok left off telling his story of how the other half of the blade was collected. While Aphra was out searching for the sword, Triple Zero made an attempt on Dok’s life and failed. To get back at him, Aphra pulled the sword on one of Dok’s Shistavanen bodyguards and killed him. Dok then blasts the sword out of Aphra’s hand, knocking her down. Dok then leaves Aphra and the droids on Moraband, something he regretted ever since.

That story apparently went through Kendoh’s ears and out the other because she grabbed the crate, jumped over a table and shot and the Kyber statue Dok found on Jedha during his trek with Hondo in issue 3 deflecting blaster bolts at the surrounding troopers. Wooro takes the crate from Kendoh and knocks out a couple of stormtroopers. Kendoh grabs a lightsaber and cuts the baby Sarlacc’s loose which then attacks the remaining stormtroopers killing them. Gross!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Kendoh and her crew make it out, but before she gets far, Dok Ondar reveals to her that he was the mysterious benefactor who hired her for the heist because he couldn’t “take the chance that you would sell the blade to a higher bidder.” Kendoh isn’t thrilled with the what Dok paid her but sees escaping Galaxy’s Edge a victory.

What’s interesting is that the story ends on a question mark. The End…? Are more stories coming? It sure looks that way, and this story deserves to continue, and why not? Galaxy’s Edge is purposely built in a way to promote stories. There is so much more to tell whether they stay with Kendoh or go in another direction (which probably makes more sense). Tell a new story with entirely new characters and maybe insert Kendoh in another story further down the road, perhaps a future television series. There so many stories involving Galaxy’s Edge (Black Spire, and A Crash of Fate), if it makes sense why not slip in a reference towards the Sword of Kashyun?

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

As with every issue in Galaxy’s Edge, Sliney’s action scenes were such a feat of artistic talent. No one illustrates a more in your face action scene than Sliney. At times it took a couple of glances to learn what exactly was happening, but that’s really nitpicky. And that’s where Sacks writing helps out. They support each other exceptionally well. Tommy Lee Edwards’ cover art throughout the series has been beautiful. In issue #5, the colors draw your eyes to exactly where they need to be.

There hasn’t been a weak spot in Galaxy’s Edge. Even the cameos made sense, although having them reappear in the final issue would’ve been cool. It’s been a real pleasure reviewing each of the five issues and here’s to hoping Sacks, and Sliney gets to team up on future Star Wars projects, whether its in Galaxy’s Edge or somewhere else in the Star Wars galaxy. ‘Til the Spires!

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