Plot Twists Galore in Marvel’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Issue #2


Dok Ondar ensures the First Order doesn’t discover his secrets, as their grip on Black Spire tightens. Meanwhile, Remex and crew seek out ancient artifacts.

This article contains plot point for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #2.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #2 dropped this week, continuing the story of Dok Ondar and his Den of Antiquities. Last month’s issue left off with Remex, Kendoh, and Wooro leaving Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities after Kendoh showed Ondar an image of what they were searching for. Ondar’s assistant was taken aback at the image declaring, “How is that possible? You said it was lost years ago.” Whatever the item was, it even made Ondar visibly uncomfortable. Writer Ethan Sacks has woven a story that first appears to be a straightforward heist, but as Galaxy’s Edge #2 shows it’s obvious there’s a lot more going on than meets the photoreceptor.

Lightsaber Lost

As Galaxy’s Edge #2 opens, Ki-Adi-Mundi is on Mygeeto fighting off clone troopers who have just been instructed to execute Order 66. The fate of Mundi is known, what is unknown is the fate of his laser sword. More on that to come. Flashing back to the prequel era is an unexpected trip, but a welcome one. This was clearly a conscious decision by the Story Group to help connect all eras of Star Wars.

The fall of Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Remember the First Order squad that was approaching Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge #1? They are now in the Den of Antiquities threatening Dok Ondar that the day is coming when Jedi trinkets will “once again be a crime with consequences.” Meanwhile, Kendoh, Wooro, and Remex are remotely watching the confrontation from a hidden camera Remex planted before Ondar kicked them out at the end of Galaxy’s Edge #1.

While watching the video, Wooro gets bored and decides to go for a walk. Remex comments about how the presence of the First Order raises the stakes. Then asks Kendoh, “Do you think they forgot about the botched job on the moon of Avedot?” Who’s they? The First Order? Did Remex, Kendoh, and Wooro run a job for the First Order or at least run into them previously? Kendoh then dreams of returning to Serenno and restoring her family name. An interesting connection, Serenno is the home planet of Count Dooku.

Who Needs Boba Fett?

Dok Ondar offers to tell the First Order how he came into possession of the Jedi weapon. Flashbacks like this have become commonplace in Star Wars comics lately. The story returns to post-Clone Wars era Mygeeto. The Intergalactic Banking Clan is under attack by none other than Greedo and a Nikto strongman named Takvaa. Greedo was hired by Jabba the Hutt to capture a cybernetic Givin the IBC are using for financial purposes (Givin are known for their unmatched mathematical abilities). Jabba wanted the Givin because his brain is synced to the imperial algorithm that generates security codes. Turns out Jabba was going to hire Boba Fett but went with Greedo instead. A mistake Jabba will never make again.

The Art is a Givin

Greedo in all his glory.

The entire middle section of Galaxy’s Edge #2 is this flashback and Sliney’s art is so much fun! Only Sliney can make Greedo look competent, and the action scenes are visually pleasing. It’s obvious Will Sliney enjoys illustrating the fight scenes with copious detail. Throughout the capture, Greedo actually does kidnap the Givin, but stalls along the way when he comes across a lightsaber. He comms Barada (one of the Skiff guards in Return of the Jedi) and tells him there’s a change of plans. All along the Givin is informing Greedo the chances of his plan succeeding are dropping by the second, making Greedo more and more nervous. Of course, Greedo does fail, and the Givin falls to his death.

Wooro provides a distraction.

Meanwhile, Wooro (remember he went for a walk) purposely bumps into a Wookiee at a market and starts a fight. Under most circumstances, it would be unwise for an Aqualish to pick a fight with a Wookiee, but Wooro is the Power of the Force 2 character of this story and as such has muscles on top of muscles. Wooro takes out the Wookiee, causing a distraction for the First Order who have to leave Ondar’s Den of Antiquities to tend to the disturbance. At first, this part of the story felt a little out of place until it was further explained later. This is a perfect example of how well Sacks creates a story. He takes a rather inconspicuous event like Wooro going for a walk and turns it into an integral part of the story,

Greedo’s Last Stand

Greedo faces the wrath of Jabba the Hutt.

We return to Greedo, on his knees in front of Jabba begging for his life. Greedo, knowing he screwed up, offers Jabba the lightsaber he stole as payback. Jabba is not interested, but a particular Ithorian collector present in Jabba’s palace is enamored with the elegant weapon. Jabba gives Greedo one more chance, offering him “a simple bounty.” It’s safe to assume this is where Greedo is hired to catch Han Solo dead or alive. Poor Greedo.

And that is the story of how Dok Ondar procured the lightsaber. As expected, the First Order has no interest in hearing tales. The First Order lieutenant is asked to look closer at the weapon, and know that it “will outlast your First Order.” Ondar tells the First Order that their grip on Black Spire is shaky at best and to leave and don’t “ever threaten me again.” Judging by Ondar’s careless treatment of the First Order, perhaps the galaxy hasn’t experienced Starkiller base yet, and so the First Order’s reputation isn’t legitimized.

After the stormtroopers leave, Ondar and his assistant (who needs a name), reveal that they are hiding a Sith relic and that Kylo Ren must not learn of it, especially now that the First Order will have spies watching them. From the hidden camera, Kendoh, Remex, and Wooro see the Sith artifact, which is the relic they are seeking—not the Jedi lightsaber as we are lead to believe.

Ronto Wrap Up

Galaxy’s Edge #2 was another fun issue. This series so far has been enjoyable all around. Tommy Lee Edwards illustrates the cover art (as he will next month). The text on the cover is misleading, however, it says, “Greedo must steal a priceless Jedi relic…or face the wrath of Jabba the Hutt.” We now know that Jabba wasn’t after the lightsaber at all, in fact, he had no interest in Jedi trinkets. Galaxy’s Edge has been one of the most entertaining Star Wars comic books of late. Galaxy’s Edge #3 is releasing on June 26th, and the preview has a famous Weequay pirate on the cover, so there will be good times to be had for sure.

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