C-3PO Does Not Like Sand! Provides Whimsical Tour on Tatooine


C-3PO Does Not Like Sand!, which hits bookshelves on June 4th, provides a tale of a whimsical tour taken by most of our favorite droids (sorry, Chopper).

Seemingly taking place following the events in The Last Jedi, C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 are sent on a mission to Tatooine. The astromech droids revel in exploring the desert planet, as some of their best stories have occurred on them (Tatooine for R2-D2 and Jakku for BB-8).

However, this fun and relaxation in the sun do not sit well with C-3PO, who plays the role of the responsible “adult” here. He is singularly concerned with the mission, which is collecting data for General Leia (although unspecified which data they should be collecting).

Throughout C-3PO Does Not Like Sand!, we see the astromech droids playfully and gleefully interacting with familiar Tatooine denizens such as a ronto, a Jawa, and a bantha. We also see them taking great delight in watching a podrace.

Meanwhile, of course, the serious and frustrated C-3PO complains up a storm about trying to stay on-mission, as well as kvetching about the sand and, after a bantha-hug, being filled-up with bantha fur.

While adults may feel somewhat frustrated for C-3PO, children will enjoy this whimsical tour of Tatooine. I read it to a few of my children and they certainly found it to be fun.

Written by Caitlin Kennedy and illustrated by Brian Kesinger, C-3PO Does Not Like Sand! hits bookshelves June 4th, published by Lucasfilm-Disney Press.

Disclosure: Review copies were provided to Skywalking Through Neverland for review purposes.

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