Magic Carpet Ride: Aladdin Live Action (2019) – S&S #4

aladdin live action review sabers and spells

Welcome Jedi and Wizards to episode 4 of Sabers and Spells. On this episode, we go on a magic carpet ride as we discuss Walt Disney’s newest live-action film, Aladdin.

In this episode, we talk a little park news because Teresa has been to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland! There is also a new ride in Hogsmeade at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

The main topic is, of course, our thoughts and feelings on the newest of the animated classic to live action remakes, Aladdin. Despite what critics have said this film has done $724.8 million dollars so far. It is ranked by box office mojo as #4 in the live-action Disney remakes and more and more people are seeing it! I think word of mouth has really helped this film.

What tells me all I need to know about this film is that the audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 94% while the critics is a measly 54%. This tells me that critics, for the most part, don’t know squat!

Christy and I both enjoyed the film one of us more than the other but overall we give it a pretty positive review. We hope you will join us as we fly around Agrabah to discuss Aladdin.

Just a reminder the episode does have chapters so you can skip around the episode at your leisure. Also please check out the other shows we have done including episode 3 all about the finale of Game Of Thrones.

Thank you to all of our listeners for tuning in and we hope you like what you hear and we would love to hear from you and here is how.

Sit back relax and solemnly swear you are up to no good! Enjoy!

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