TALKING APES: Making Apes – The Indiegogo incentives!

“Somewhere out there, there has got to be something greater than man!”

There is, Taylor! And that something is Talking Apes! Whether he meant actual talking apes or just this podcast we want to welcome everyone back to your Planet of the Apes podcast!

I know we said on our last episode we were going to cover the Planet of the Apes 50th Anniversary screenings just held at USC in Los Angeles, and we will. But as we continue to compile that episode, We wanted to bring you our conversation with filmmaker William Conlin regarding his upcoming documentary, Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed Films, a documentary that features stories from a large array of artist involved in bringing the Planet of the Apes universe to life. Everything from the films to the live-action TV show!

The last time we had a documentary that focused on the Apes of the classic days was to commemorate the 30th Anniversary. It was called Behind the Planet of the Apes and it premiered on AMC and can also be found on the DVD box set. Now as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary, William Conlin is very close to finishing, and he is with us now to tell you about how you can help finish this project and earn yourselves some exciting incentives! Just head over to starting March 21, 2018! We also get into some interesting feedback. Some good, some just missing the point on our goal with the show.

Now Go Ape!

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