Meet Goose The Cat, Scene Stealer of Captain Marvel


Meeting celebrities is cool, but meeting a celebrity CAT is the best!! Here’s everything you need to know about Goose, Captain Marvel’s cat, and how we met.

It started with the first Captain Marvel trailer – everyone went gaga over Goose The Cat! As cats do, the clip of Goose cuddling with Nick Fury took social media by storm, in video, pic and gif form. You couldn’t escape the loveable ginger tabby!

For those unfamiliar with Goose, as I was – here’s a basic primer. The character originated in the Captain Marvel comics, but had a different name – Chewie. She was renamed as a nod to Carol Danvers’ past as a fighter pilot in the 1980’s. Hence, “Goose”, like Tom Cruise’s wingman in Top Gun.

As explained at the Captain Marvel press conference, Goose is played by four different cats, but Reggie is the star. He is the close-up cat, meticulously trained by Ursula Brauner. How does one train an animal? Samuel L. Jackson explained, “Reggie is like most animals that have been brought to set that have been trained to do this, that or the other. He’s snack oriented. Give him something to eat, he shows up!”

How We Met Goose The Cat

On February 22nd, Marvel Studios treated the media to a Captain Marvel press conference in Beverly Hills featuring the amazing cast and creators. As Richard and I settled into our seats to wait for the event to start, we checked social media and I noticed a Live Feed of Goose the Cat on Marvel’s YouTube channel.

Since several stars were scheduled for the Press Conference, including Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Feige, I thought perhaps Goose would also make an appearance. During the 40-minute conference, however, she did not.

The conference ended, and we were ushered into a different area to pick up swag and view costumes and merchandise on display. Richard and I took our time taking video and pictures, then settled into a comfy couch towards the back of the press area to work on show notes for our next podcast episode. We happened to be sitting next to a door with a sign warning “CLOSED SET. DO NOT ENTER!”

Now, press events are often split into 2 parts – the main press conference which everyone attends, and one-on-ones, which is just like it sounds. One-on-ones are an opportunity for select members of the press to have 5 or 10 minutes with various celebrities and creators of the film.

We don’t have a big enough following to have one-on-ones, but as we were sitting on that couch, we did see Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Feige ushered from room to room for their one-on-ones.  We even managed to get a selfie with Kevin Feige – who really liked Richard’s Oppo Suits Marvel jacket!

Back to that mysterious CLOSED SET door. As I was typing on my laptop, I noticed a PA walk up to the woman standing beside this door and say, “how’s the cat-sitting?” Just like a feline, my ears perked up. About five minutes later, two members of the press were ushered over and the woman said, “Ready to meet Reggie?” My suspicions were correct! The live feed of Reggie was here in this building. The cat was right behind those doors!!!!

Richard and I looked at each other excitedly, and both stood up at the same time to ask the woman if we might possibly be able to see Reggie, too. You never know if you don’t ask, right? She was very kind and said that it was almost the end of the press day, but if there was time at the end we might have a couple moments.

About 15 minutes later, it happened. The woman motioned us over and we entered the CLOSED SET door to see an empty pedestal. Here we met Ursula, Reggie’s trainer, and she explained how to interact with Reggie, essentially training us. Then off she went to bring in the scene stealer of Captain Marvel, and we fell in love.

There’s more to Goose in the film, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. Want to learn more from the cast and creators of Captain Marvel? Head over to our video and write-up on Adventures By Daddy.

Captain Marvel arrives in U.S. theaters on March 8th, so go watch this amazing movie and find out what makes Goose special!

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