Star Wars Saga Fast Food Premiums: 1983


Ads and Pictures of Star Wars Fast Food Premiums – 1983. Return of the Jedi spawned more Collector’s Cups. Do you still have your glasses?

Star Wars Fast Food Premiums

Each week we will post another era of Star Wars Saga Fast Food Premiums  along with available commercials. This week we’re taking it back to Return of the Jedi. The premium trend continued with collector glasses. Do you still have yours? Post a selfie with them and tag @SkywalkingPod!

Return of the Jedi (1983)

Restaurants: Burger King
Premium: Collector Glasses
Fun Fact: Massachusetts sold plastic versions since the sale of glasses was prohibited

  • Jabba’s Court
  • Sarlacc Pit
  • Ewok Village
  • Emperor’s Throne Room

Cost: Special price for collector glass with purchase of regular soda. 

The Commercial

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To Be Continued with The Special Editions

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