Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight – ‘The Kashyyyk Depths,’ Part 2


The panels in this Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight were originally published on Sundays August 5 to August 19, 1979.

The panels in this Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight were originally published on Sundays August 5 to August 19, 1979.

Previously in ‘The Kashyyyk Depths’…

Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 are looking forward to some festive Wookiee Life Day festivities, but when they arrive they find out that the Village Elder has cancelled the celebration, which only comes around every 3 years! The Elder declares that it is too dangerous to go to the lowest levels of Kashyyyk where the orga root is found. Chewbacca publicly disagrees with the Elder, and the two Wookiees engage in a fierce show of strength to settle the argument. Han dives between the two warring warriors, trying to stop the fight.

Now, back to our story…

Han manages to stop the fight, and says to the Elder that his orders will be obeyed, then offers a solution: the Wookiees will stay in the village while he goes to search for the orga root for the Life Day ceremonies. The Elder agrees, and orders Chewie to accompany Han for safety. Chewie, who can’t stand to leave an argument unfinished angrily stalks off to get the long, scaly beast, called a sureggi, which will be their transportation to the lower levels. Meanwhile, Han and the droids gather their gear. Chewie arrives with the sureggi, and everyone hops onto the animal.

Threepio, who knows little about Wookiee culture, asks Han why the orga root is necessary for the celebrations. Han responds that a big part of Life Day is the spiritual journey to the Life Tree, where life on Kashyyyk began. This is a reference to the original Star Wars Holiday Special, which ends with the spiritual journey to the Life Tree, and a holiday song sung by Princess Leia. Chewie finally gets over his irritation at leaving his dispute with the Elder unfinished, and thanks Han and the droids for coming with him to search for the orga root. After a while of traveling, Chewie is called to by a plant, which warns of danger ahead. Han explains to a confused Threepio that many plants on Kashyyyk are living, feeling beings.

Wary, the group proceeds down to Level Eight, where Chewie says the best orga root can be found. As they walk through the crowd of extremely angry plants, careful not to step on any, Han spots the source of the plants’ anger: a group of Imperial stormtroopers cutting a path through the jungle with laser-saws! A woman in a yellow jumpsuit approaches the stormtrooper captain, begging him to find another way to get through the jungle, as the laser-saws are clearly hurting the plants. The captain ignores the woman, Gyla Petro, and orders her to go back with the rest of her scientists.

The captain says that his orders are to retrieve the root, and “no crying vine or weed is going to stop us!” Han frantically warns Chewie that the plants are about to attack, and that Chewie has to stop them, or else face a massacre!

Coming Soon!

Will Han be able to prevent a massacre? Will the stormtroopers see reason and stop hurting the plants? Find out the answers to these questions and more next time, in the final part of The Kashyyyk Depths!

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