Skywalking Force

293: The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker

We continue the 40th anniversary celebration of The Empire Strikes Back with Kim Simmons who was a Kenner photographer during the vintage era. All those Kenner Star Wars toy packaging you remember? He had a HUGE hand in them! Kim is producing a book which will showcase the Empire Strikes Back toy line photography in all its glory – please check out his Kickstarter here. Now sit back and enjoy some fantastic stories.

288: The Clone Wars Finale

May the 4th, 2020 marked the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. What an amazing, galaxy-shattering finale! Discussing the last two episodes “Shattered” and “Victory and Death” is a monumental task, so we brought reinforcements. You know him as the lead singer for the band F105, we know him as our good friend Din! Enough writing, let’s dive in NOW.