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Hey Hey Ape fans! Are you ready for another fun-filled episode of Talking Apes TV? We certainly hope so! On this month’s show we discuss the 6th episode from the Return to the Planet of the Apes animated series, Terror On Ice Mountain which aired on November 22, 1975 (this episode should have been called “The forever-falling hot air balloon.” or “Plot-jumping of the Apes”)


“Terror On Ice Mountain” Synopsis

During an archaeological dig, Cornelius uncovers an ancient, human book called, “A Day at the Zoo.” He explains to Zira that this book would be deadly to the humans if it ever fell into Urko’s hands. When Bill and Jeff see the book, Jeff wants to show the high-council so that the truth of the planet will be known, but Cornelius, fearing their safety, wants to hide it on the snowy mountain of Ghar.

If you’re a longtime listener of Talking Apes TV you’ll know what we mean when we say this is the equivalent to the ‘Horse Race’ episode from the live-action series. Not the best episode to watch but the best episode to tear into because of all the glaring plot holes. Sometimes those episodes make our show so much fun to record.

Being an episode from 1975, we play commercials from that era. Who had the Evel Knievel Dragster toy? Or a portable tape recorder/player which was Dyno-Mite (wait what does that mean?)

We’re sure you’ll have an Urkotastic time listening. Now Go Ape!

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