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Hey Hey to all you Chimpanzee’s, orangutang’s and helmet wearing gorillas. In this episode of Talking Apes TV we wrap up the live-action Planet Of The Apes series. Joining Richard and Mark is artist and longtime Ape fan all the way from the UK – Paul Bateman.

We give you our ideas of where we would want the show to go if CBS asked for our input for a second series and beyond! Which they could’ve produced seeing how there were more scripts ready to go. We go over these stories and see how they could’ve been handled. (Personally we wanted to see Galen in a 10 gallon hat. Listen and find out what that means.)

We are also going to look at the 1981 wrap arounds Roddy McDowell shot as Galen when ABC recut the movies into 5 TV presentations! And we’re also going to read some listener feedback. Thanks to all who wrote in and gave us information we didn’t know about the series.

Urko. Orko. Urko. Orko! Which is it? Urko himself weighs in on this heavily discussed debate.

As we wrap up the live action series we want to thank everyone who made this an Urkotastic ride. Now onto the animated series from 1975!

Now go Ape!

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