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Richard and Mark embark on an all-encompassing 14-episode recap of the Planet Of The Apes Live-Action TV Series! Compare yours with Richard and Mark’s list:

  • Favorite episode
  • Least favorite episode
  • Favorite episodic character
  • Recurring Talking Apes TV gag.

We want to thank all those apes who also sent in their lists of their favorites. While we’re on the subject of thanking people we would also like to thank those who have contributed to the production of the show like Sarah Woloski, Rob Dehlinger, Lala Land Records and YOU APES.

We would also like to thank and welcome our newest Ape family member – Angela Rushmere. She has been doing such an UrkoTastic job posting so much on our Facebook page and finding content we didn’t even know existed.

To those who wrote in and asked if we were going to wrap up after the live action series I can tell you that with so much Ape content out there we will be going for a long, long time. And sooner or later we’re going to want to rip into that Tim Burton attempt.

Now enjoy as Richard and Mark argue their way through their ‘best of’ lists…

Now, go Ape!

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