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Hey Hey Ape fans! Welcome back to Talking Apes TV! We are the podcast that takes an entertaining look at each episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series from 1974 to find out why it still stands up after 40 years.

In this episode we look at the last show in the Planet Of The Apes TV series, #14 “Up Above The World So High”. Like the last Apes episode, “The Liberator”, this one has an uncertain air date. (However we’ve come to the conclusion that it aired on 12/20/1974).

Synopsis: Alan, Pete and Galen encounter a human named Leuric who is experimenting with flight in a hang-glider he has built himself. But when he is captured by Commander Konag and his troops he is ordered to be executed. That is until a female chimpanzee scientist steps in to save him. Is she doing this for Leuric or for her own devious plan?

How does this episode stack up to the rest? Do we get a satisfying series finale? Do we see Urko with or without his helmet? Listen in and find out!

Don’t worry, there will be MORE Talking Apes TV! From here, we will delve into interviews with the stars and authors from the Planet Of The Apes world. And we will also look at Return To The Planet Of The Apes animated series. So much in store for the future!

Now, go Ape!

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1 thought on “TALKING APES TV: “Up Above The World So High”

  1. Great podcast on this final episode, I was so sad as a 9 year old to know that the series was cancelled. I do have vivid memories of this episode. We needed to see Urko in his helmet one last time

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