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Hey Hey Ape Fans!

We celebrate our one-year ape-iversary of Talking Apes TV with this special episode of controversy! Richard and Mark give you an update on the Felix Silla/Gary Dubin debate. The little gorilla boy in the original Planet Of The Apes film should’ve said, “Guess who I am?!” instead of “Look it’s a Man!” And if that wasn’t enough, there was “Who’s that Zira?” controversy.

While escaping from Urko and his soldiers Bill and Jeff find a secret door that leads underground. There they meet – The Underdwellers – cloaked humans with special powers. They also find another surprise from their past!

In honor of Halloween and the tradition of giving, podcast composer Rob Dehlinger‘s new Flintstones inspired jingle, “Yabba Dabba Urko” is a ringtone-treat which can be found at

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