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Join Richard and Mark on this edition of Talking Apes TV as they look at the 2nd episode of the Return To The Planet Of The Apes animated episode, Escape From Ape City. This episode aired Sept. 13th, 1975 and picks up right where we left off in, Flames Of Doom.

After being captured, Bill is brought to the laboratory of Ape City for Cornelious and Zira to study. After it becomes obvious Bill is no ordinary humanoid, they help him escape before General Urko uses him for his deadly war games.

This episode of Talking Apes TV features a new Urko theme composed by Rob Dehlinger. And, just before they start to record Richard and Mark uncover controversy in the Planet Of The Apes behind-the-scenes world. A mystery not yet solved…Tune in and GO APE!

Listen in and GO APE!

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