Hello to all you Chimps, gorillas, orangutans, Underdwellers, and even you damn dirty Humanoids! In this episode of Talking Apes, Richard is joined by Max Cervantes and Kevin Toft of The Max EFX podcast. Talking Apes continues the series of episodes where they break down and give commentary on unproduced live-action Planet of the Apes TV scripts.  

In the last episodes, Richard and Mark Oguschewitz reviewed two of Rod Serling’s unproduced scripts, ‘Episode I’ and ‘Episode II.’ Now Richard, Max and Kevin cover the third unproduced script, ‘A Fallen God’, written by Anthony Lawrence who co-wrote the Apes TV episode, ‘The Deception.’ 

‘A Fallen God,’ script – March 2, 1973 (Three months before the release of ‘Battle for the Planet of the Apes’) 

Script link to follow along

‘A Fallen God’ Story Overview

Galen inadvertently sells Alan and Kovack to a local farmer after he is put on the spot as to who they were. On the farm, Alan and Kovack sees the patriarch, Telemon, and his family worshipping an object which turns out to be a radio transmitter. Alan and Kovack must find a way to get to it since that might be a way to communicate to other humans. But, a human-fearing busy-body preacher named Syrinx is catching wind of these smart humans and must put an end to these destructive animals who will once again destroy the planet.

Read along, listen along, and Go Ape!

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