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We are excited to have Robert Bapst of The Bald Solo Podcast as our co-co-host this week on Skywalking Through Neverland. To my knowledge we never have discussed superheroes who wear their underwear on the outside of their outfit – until now!

What must it feel like to be involved in something so unique and creative that it changes a fandom? This week we talk with Kevin Rubio, director and co-writer of the Star Wars fan film, Troops. This Star Wars and Cops mash-up started a new movement in fandom communities – fan films! Armed with a great idea, eager friends and an endless supply of Cops episodes, Kevin directed the Star Wars fan film that inspired people all over the world.

Kevin didn’t stop there. Troops opened doors at Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe that includes writing for Star Wars:The Clone Wars. Kevin tells us about the blast he had while making Troops and gives advice to those looking to make their own fan film.

Since starting STN, we have made so many new friends from around the world, including listeners, bloggers and fellow podcasters. This week we introduce you to Michele Atwood of The Main Street Mouse website. Being a long-time Sleeping Beauty fan, she talks with us about the upcoming Disney live-action film, Maleficent. We look forward to talking to her in the future, especially when she reviews the film and tells us what her two young boys thought of such a dark twisted tale with a female lead.

Mark Oguschewitz returns this week as we review Muppets Most Wanted. We know a review is normally scheduled before a film opens but we decided with the Muppets and other future films that we won’t recap it until a week after its release. This way it gives our listeners a chance to see the film (and we don’t accidentally spoil something).

As always there’s so much more including listener feedback and the Countdown to a few upcoming BIG events. And remember, never land on Alderaan!

Our Guests

Kevin Rubio – Director of Troops

Michele Atwood – Owner & Head Blogger of The Main Street Mouse. Host of The Main Street Mouse Podcast.

Robert Bapst – Creator and Host of The Bald Solo Podcast

Mark Oguschewitz – Skywalking Through Neverland movie consultant and film editor

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Kevin Rubio Troops

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