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Hey Hey Ape Fans! Welcome back to Talking Apes TV!

We kick off this episode by reviewing the past works of Return to the Planet of the Apes Animation Director, Cullen Houghtaling. Did you even know there were animated series based on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Police Academy? Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz? We’re so lucky to have the Internet these days.

Screaming Wings Synopsis:

As Bill, Jeff, and Judy head for a humanoid settlement they spot human scarecrow targets. Suddenly, a World War II-era fighter plane appears in the sky. Piloted by a gorilla, the aircraft flies toward the scarecrows and drops a net on them. Urko and his Ape army are testing the plane in preparation for planet domination. Now Bill, Jeff and Judy have to steal it if there is any hope for the humanoid race, and, to see if this plane can help them get back home.

We have a blast reviewing this one since there is so much fun stuff here. And finally we’re getting a story thread that will start bringing the series together. And we see the side-effects of Urko’s helmet which may be on a little too tight in this episode. During a commercial break, we hear a MEGO World’s Mightiest Superheroes figure commercial that would never be made today.

Listen, have fun and Go APE!

Now Go Ape!

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