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Hey Hey Apes! We teased at the end of our last episode that we were going to review the episode, ‘Screaming Winds’ from the Return to the POTA series but we’re going to take our customary mid-series break for an interview special to talk with some friends old and new.

We are very excited to have become fast friends with another simian podcast. Not apes, chimpanzees or orangutans, but Monkees! On our last episode we learned of the many connections between the Planet of the Apes TV series and The Monkees TV series, and we learned this from Zilch: A Monkees Podcast. Creator and host, Ken Mills, will be joining us to talk childhood Ape stories, his passion for The Monkees and his KISS and Cheap Trick podcasts.

What’s an Ape connection without a new jingle? We have 2 great new Monkees/Apes jingles written by podcast composer Rob Dehlinger. If you thought ‘Yabba Dabba Urko’ was catchy ring-tone wait until you hear these!

To hear about Ape fandom past and present from the other side of the world, we talk with Adam O’Brien. You may know Adam from the Jogcast Radio Network where he discusses all kinds of fandoms, now he brings his passion to Talking Apes TV.

We give you a very rare clip from the 1974 Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (thanks to Angela Rushmere) that featured Planet of the Apes. This is something you’ve got to hear to believe, and not in a good way.

Now Go Ape!

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