Talking Apes TV Special: Dean Preston – Simian Scrolls

Hey Hey Ape fans! Talking Apes TV is back with our new ‘SPECIALS’ episodes! Even though we covered both Planet Of The Apes TV series we thought we would now branch out and get to know the people involved in the films, TV shows and from the fan communities.

We have lots of guests already lined up and can’t wait share our discussions. So for our first Talking Apes TV Special we have someone from the Apes fan community. For those longing for more content on the original films, shows and cast and crew stories, new material can be few and far between these days. Unless you head over to Hunter’s Planet Of The Apes Archive and pour over their great fanzine – Simian Scrolls
Simian Scrolls include interviews, articles, comic strips and so much more! Here with us to talk Apes is one of the Simian Scrolls writer’s, Dean Preston!

Enjoy and GO APE!

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